Saturday, 21 August 2010

The secret to perfect skin!

The secret to perfect skin i hear you say?????

Well,  last year i badly broke out with acne and i don't even know why, I've never had acne in my life and i was twenty when i first got it! I was devastated! Dry skin and acne! DOUBLE WAMMY!!! grrrr :@

Well, i became a product junkie and bought product after product and introduced my skin to many new products.  They never worked!  But it has now taken me a yr to realise the secret to perfect skin, or healthy skin ( not quite perfect yet) lol.....

 The secret.......???....... Is a skin care routine!

 you see all this time in the past year i never stuck to one routine and bought product after product, not realising that all my skin is asking for is a routine a sense of familiarity- sorry skin! :(  cos at the start of any skin care routine i use to break out,  but recently i kept to the same routine for a month, and yes i did break out at first but i stuck to it and it has cleared up my skin amazingly!

before when i use to use new products my skin broke out but i never realised that is normal when u start off a new routine but silly me thinking that this product does not work and i jumped onto the next thing- vicious circle!

hope this helps

 Catcha y'all laters


First blog post!!!

Hi there! This is going to be a boring blog but im just here to introduce myself! Im a total makeup junkie and i luuurvevvevevevev makeup!!! Oh wait,  my name is felicity. 

this blog is going to be about rambles and so on and so forth about any random stuff,  mainly makeup!!! :D yay

 Ill catcha y''all laters